Without any doubts one of the most well-known czech rock towns which is characterized by impressive towers reaching the height of up to 60 m and by steep canyons leading from rock edges to deep romantic valleys. The most frequently visited places include Mariánská vyhlídka (Mary's Viewpoint), the viewpoint U Lvíčka (At the Lion), and Janova vyhlídka (John's Viewpoint). People gave names to individual rock groups and formations and there are plenty of tales and stories connected with them. You can pass Čertova ruka (Devil's Hand), Kapelník (Conductor), Maják (Lighthouse), Taktovka (Baton), and Dračí skály (Dragon's Rocks) and squeeze through the 65 m long Myší díra (Mouse Hole). Hundreds of sandstone rocks attract climbers very much. Other places of interest include the Hrubá Skála mansion and the ruins of the Valdštejn castle and small water spa Sedmihorky.
Hruboskalsko - Surrounding of MajákHruboskalsko - Surrounding of Maják
Surrounding of Maják
Hruboskalsko - KapellefelsenHruboskalsko - Kapellefelsen
Orchestra Rocks
Hruboskalsko - Mouse HoleHruboskalsko - Mouse Hole
Mouse Hole